College Stores

Sequoia firmly understands that the campus store is the primary, most comprehensive, and most convenient source of course materials. However, College stores are facing challenges on multiple fronts. Web competition for customers, budget cuts that affect enrollment, and a challenging supply chain have all made it increasingly difficult to retain customers and maintain margins. As an independent software provider, Sequoia Retail Systems explores all market opportunities that benefit our clients. Our tools include mobile commerce, e-commerce, the best book rental solution in the industry, stock acquisition technology and a wide array of secure POS devices, accepting all payment types, from registers, kiosks, and wireless devices to the web.

We are proud to work closely with some of the best strategic partners in the industry to provide a solution that provides accurate information throughout the sales cycle.

Since 1985, we have been proud to serve a varied group of small and large, private and public, institutional and independent retail enterprises that are passionate about their stores and students. With no debt or third party stakeholders, Sequoia independently serves the college and university market without a conflict of interest. Our product plans are driven by customers and industry rather than by investors and directives. With more than 25 years of serving campus stores, Sequoia has the knowledge and desire to deliver products that are comprehensive and dependable. We know that you, like our existing customers, share a desire to provide the best retail experience for your students and campus without the influence of an associated stakeholder. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can meet your point of sale needs.

Case Studies

Payment Processing- Simon Fraiser University