Course Materials Management

Manage All Course Content

Sequoia's SCS Server Suite includes Textbook Partner for managing course information, materials procurement, and shelf management. Textbook Partner sets the industry standard for course materials management by organizing multiple terms simultaneously, cascading orders to preferred suppliers, and enabling multi-guide buyback. Real-time updates to Sequoia point-of-sale applications and seamless integration with strategic partners assure timely, accurate information.

Multiple Terms

Terms are identified by academic calendar dates as well as store-defined sales and buyback periods. Textbook Partner provides historical comparisons by term of requisitions, sales, and buyback to enable the best possible decision making.

Cascade Ordering

Once course requisitions are gathered, stock projections are used to generate a term want list of used titles. Textbook Partner's cascade ordering process automatically sends the want list to book suppliers sequentially based on your order of preference. As each supplier acknowledges the titles they can deliver, the list automatically moves to the next source. The cascade process runs unassisted until all orders are filled or all suppliers have responded. You may rerun your want list as often as you like to ensure you gather the highest quantity of used titles.

Multi-guide Buyback

Textbook Partner has the unique ability to combine multiple wholesale buy guides to acquire used books while offering the highest available buyback prices to your students. Multi-guide buying allows you to meet your wholesaler commitments by setting guide priorities. As a bonus, the system automatically identifies books of value even if they are not in your preferred buy guide. With this flexibility, you are assured of buying back the most used books possible. Upon completion of any buyback period, Textbook Partner automatically prints pick lists to separate bought used titles for shipment to the appropriate wholesaler.

Seamless Integration

Whether sharing information with another Sequoia product or communicating with a strategic partner, Textbook Partner provides seamless data exchange. Textbook Partner provides real-time price updates to your Sequoia PCPOS cash register and in return applies real-time stock updates based on sales, refunds, and buybacks that occur at your register. Textbook Partner also seamlessly updates ePOS websites managed by Sequoia and provides updates to strategic partners including Verba, CourseSmart, and