General Merchandise Management

Manage a complete merchandise mix

Sherpa is a web-based application for managing general merchandise within your store including style items, serialized products, packages, and books. Sherpa streamlines the entire inventory cycle by supporting purchase orders, receipts, and returns with real-time on hand updates. Likewise, the PCPOS cash register provides real-time on-hand updates with each register transaction.

Web application

Sherpa is operated via your web browser. There are no additional charges for client software, and training costs are reduced through an intuitive user interface. Sherpa maximizes the use of screen space with expanding panels that show or hide information as preferred by each system user. A single web page is organized so that the most commonly requested information is presented first while hyperlinks provide drill-down to details or related product information.

General Merchandise

A default merchandise snapshot contains local and multistore data. Each item is assigned a unique classification, description, and price profile. Images are presented for product validation and website presentation. Additional information panels are available to view sales history, multistore inventory, supplier data, website presentation information, and special order history.

Style Items

Style items include merchandise, such as soft goods, that are described and sold by a variety of attributes. Sherpa provides a mechanism to create grids that can be attached to a style record. For example, a shirt that is available in a variety of colors and sizes is accessed by a single style record. In addition to the information available with general merchandise, style items display a matrix of on-hand quantities for each attribute combination. Each combination can be linked to a unique vendor provided SKU to streamline ordering and selling.

Serialized Products

Some merchandise includes serial tracking for inventory control and/or warranty registration. Those products are flagged as serialized items within Sherpa. Serialized items require a customer ID and serial number entry with each merchandise sale. Serial item transactions and their corresponding customer information are captured for review and reporting. Serial numbers may also be pre-populated to ensure that each item is accounted for as it is sold.


Sherpa enables the assembly and tracking of merchandise packages. Packages are a combination of individual items that are grouped together and sold at a bundled price or in a different merchandise class. Package maintenance includes a component tab to edit each piece of merchandise that is included in the package. When packages are created or sold, each component item is appropriately relieved from inventory and captured to sales history.


Even though most book maintenance is complete via Tradebook Partner or Textbook Partner, Sherpa ensures that staff has access to all relevant product information. Book inquiry offers ISBN, author, and title searching to find book profiles for titles sold in your store. Like general merchandise, book inquiry displays book profiles and multistore inventory. The lookup also provides viewing of in-store rental information.

Inventory Cycle

Sherpa streamlines the order, receipt, and return of general merchandise and style items. Each inventory management function is tied by a common purchase order number that is created and tracked by the system. The receiving process links keyrecs and invoice histories to purchase orders, and [returns likewise recall orders???] and invoices to offer a complete inventory audit. Each function provides a variety of search options to simplify access to historical information.