Point of Sale Anywhere

Reach your Customers Anywhere

Sequoia’s point-of-sale systems let allow you reach customers anytime and anywhere. By using in-store cash registers, wireless terminals, and a website optimized for mobile devices, you can process sales virtually anywhere. These flexible POS choices extend store hours and maximize selling opportunities. Every POS tool has been validated as PCI compliant to ensure secure payment processing and consumer confidence.

Store Cash Registers

Sequoia’s PCPOS software provides extensive point-of-sale options within your store. Real-time access to customer and inventory data ensures fast and accurate sales processing. Along with PCI-compliant bank card processing, PCPOS supports financial aid accounts, scholarship rewards, in-house charges, gift cards, and campus card systems. The variety of payment options, along with immediate product delivery, strengthens your on-campus presence. In addition to merchandise sales, PCPOS software offers in-store and wholesale buyback, rental sales and returns, customer purchase history, intelligent refunds, and accounts receivable payments providing a comprehensive in-store selling terminal.

Wireless Handheld Terminals

Sequoia’s Wireless Partner extends point-of-sale beyond your campus store. Through touch screen wireless terminals and network access or mobile data service, Wireless Partner offers portable selling and buyback. Like in-store cash registers, all wireless communication occurs in real-time enabling access to merchandise, accounts, and payment choices. Enabling sales anywhere on your campus and beyond provides convenience to you and your customers.

E-commerce Web Pages

Sequoia’s ePOS service provides a hosted solution to share and manage a store’s website. ePOS enables you to manage content about products available for purchase on your store’s website. Customers create a shopping cart and purchase merchandise directly from your branded website. The ePOS service tracks shipments to customers or enables in-store pickup to complete order fulfillment. You control your e-commerce presence to ensure the best payoff.

Mobile Commerce

Sequoia Mobile enables your customer to access merchandise at their convenience from anywhere. All of the content on your ePOS website is optimized for presentation on smart phones and tablets. Mobile accessibility ensures that your store remains relevant no matter where or when customers what to buy.