By providing unique tools to acquire and sell textbooks, Textbook Partner is the premier textbook management tool. This comprehensive system ensures higher margins and more profits for campus store textbook departments.

  • Provide students the best value for their used books with multi - guide buying.
  • Accumulate more used books using Cascade Ordering™.
  • Expand your market with in-store, on-line, and mobile textbook sales and rentals.
  • Enhance wholesale partnerships through user - defined buyback and purchase hierarchies.
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency by way of direct-to-vendor ftp, Easylink, and Pubnet ordering.
  • Make better buying decisions with complete real-time inventory management of all textbooks.
  • Save time by allowing Textbook Partner to automatically update your store website.


  • Multi - guide buying guarantees the store can offer the highest buyback value to any customer.
  • Support for book packages provides the flexibility of buying partial packages to acquire any valuable inventory.
  • Buyback prices shared on-line attract students to your store.
  • Wireless terminals allow buyback at the most well-situated location.
  • Textbook Partner sorts bought titles by wholesaler and prints packing lists.

Stock Management

  • Cascade Ordering automatically shares want lists providing the best opportunity to acquire quality used books.
  • Direct-to-vendor FTP, Pubnet, and Easylink guarantee fast, inexpensive and accurate order delivery and confirmation.
  • Wireless re-ordering of inventory streamlines shelf management.
  • Receiving immediately updates on-hand quantities and stock ledger.
  • Wireless receiving streamlines the use of space.
  • Customized price labels include relevant pricing and shelving information.
  • Automatic invoice analysis simplifies the returns process and makes sure that aging stock is removed from shelves.
  • System review of adopted titles ensures the store keeps titles being used in future terms.

Additional Features

  • Updates of department, course, and book information to your website saves time and effort.
  • Integrated rental support allows titles to be sold or rented in the store or on-line.
  • Faculty requisitions collected via your website are imported directly into Textbook Partner.
  • User - defined reports and queries allow you to review information in your preferred format.