Recreation Center

Grant Access with Ease

The first encounter of your member's visit to your facility begins at the entrance. You want to make getting into your facility hassle free. Sequoia's register solutions integrate with your campus card system to quickly verify their membership status. With the Auto Tender Mode function, just swipe or tap their credential for instant verification. No buttons to press. However, if you need to accept payments for products or services, you still have a full featured register at your fingertips.

Enhance Member Services with Online Payments

Many services require an additional fee for the costs of equipment, rentals, instructors and facility maintenance. Now you can accept those payments anytime, anywhere even when you're not open using Sequoia's eCommerce solution. Simply add your products and services to an online store and your members can pay by campus card or credit card for personal training, fitness classes, club and intramural sports. Does your facility host outdoor excursions? Our eCommerce solution will provide you the ability to set limits for space availability as well as reduce your risk and liability for no-shows by accepting payments upfront.

Reduce Your Risk Using Mobile

Recreation Centers consist of more than just a gym. They also include outdoor facilities such as tennis courts and fields for intramural sports. It is important to make sure that the people using those facilities are your members to reduce your liability for any uninsured participants. Using WiFi and cellular connectivity, Sequoia's mobile solutions provide the ability for you to verify a person's status virtually anywhere on your complex.